Industrial Electrician Services

Industrial Electrician Services In London

We undertake all Industrial Wiring and other electrical work, throughout the London area. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a complete electrical re-wire of the factory, security lighting, CCTV, or even emergency lighting services. Look no further than us.

Industrial Electrician Services

The electrical demands of an industrial facility are very different from regular electrical requirements. Moreover, if you need any industrial electrical work in London, you need to get in touch with Electrical Solutions 247. Electrical Solutions 247 is a service that has experienced industrial electricians who are familiar with the unique requirements of industrial electrical wiring.

Industrial Electrician near me

An industrial facility has different specialized equipment which is built on a large scale and all of them function in perfect coordination with each other day after day. This means that these are specialized equipment that requires repairs or troubleshooting. Similarly, the electrical demand in such a facility will be high which means you will need someone who understands this equipment and has experience working with high-voltage equipment. Any mistakes here can result in serious consequences to life and equipment.

Here you need an industrial electrician who is trained and qualified to deal with such elaborate requirements.

Knows the language

Our industrial electrician is familiar with reading and interpreting blueprints.  Also they have acknowledgement with electrical code specifications.

Industrial Electrician Services

Expert with industrial electrical equipment

Electrical Solutions 247’s industrial electrician is an expert at installing, repairing and maintaining electric motors, transformers, generators, switchgear, industrial storage batteries, switch boxes and all sorts of industrial electrical equipment.

Familiar with industries

Electrical Solutions 247’s industrial electrician is also familiar with the setup of manufacturing and production facilities. They know which things go where and how they work.

So, in case there are problems, they know where things are and where to search. They understand that electrical industries work as interconnected body where one equipment is related to another and everything is connected to each other.

Available when you need them

Safety is of prime concern to the industrial electrician. They will know that safety measures are important in an industrial setup. Because employees and workers at such a setup spend most of their time working with various types of electrical equipment. In addition, it means that their safety is essential.

This will ensure that business runs smoothly.

An industrial electrician needs to be a problem-solver, imaginative and rational thinker who can work as part of a group or can work independently.

As the owner of an industrial plant, factory or similar facility, you should hire an industrial electrician who will be available whenever any such electrical problem arises. Electricians from we are available 24×7.

Aware of industrial electricity rules and regulations


from Electrical Solutions 247 are well aware of the laws and regulations that govern industrial electricity connections. They know the exact requirements that go into providing electrical connections in an industrial facility.

There are many electricians who have the same basic set of skills and know about general problems but remember they cannot solve your problems regarding industrial electricity. What you need are experienced and trained industrial electricians who can take on electrical issues in an industrial setup.

We can ensure that our Industrial Electrician services will help you to run your business smoothly.

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