Commercial Electrician Services

Commercial Electrician Services

Electricalsolutions247ltd offers commercial electrician services. We are providing comprehensive electrical services for you anywhere in London.

Electricalsolutions247ltd  provides:

  •  Commercial electrician services.
  • Domestic electrical service.
  • Full wiring or rewiring in your home or commercial places.
  • All kinds of electrical equipment installation.
  • Inspection.
  • PAT testing and certificate providing.

Why do you need commercial electrician service?

Commercial spaces have a lot of laws and rules to follow. In the workplace, safe electrical systems and equipment are essential. Incorrectly installed wiring or equipment poses a serious danger to your employees and families and can also invalidate your insurance.

We have vast experience in commercial and industrial electrical installations. We will ensure your safety and compliance with all the latest laws and regulations.

Why do you need a certified electrician in London?

You need fully qualified and reliable electricians to ensure work is carried out correctly. If you are looking for a professional, reliable electrical service for your business in the London area, look no further. 

Our fully qualified team of electricians can deal with anything from the most minor repair to a complete electrical system design and rewiring.

24/7 commercial electrician services

If you need commercial electrical services in London, remember to contact Electrical Solutions 247. We know that commercial electrical services are different from domestic electrical services, and only a professional understands the laws and regulations. Here are some standards associated with electrical installations in a commercial building.

 We will rectify the problem and ensure that our electrical service complies with the law as well.

When to call us?

Does your commercial building have burnt-out light bulbs?

All commercial buildings need functioning bulbs and lights. Lights are essential for any office to complete daily work. But offices also face electrical problems and need fixing from time to time. 

We will visit your commercial space to fix the burnt bulbs, check for all the faulty circuits and sockets, and inform you if they need repair.

Do the lights frequently flicker or dim?

If the office lights frequently flicker, give us a call right away. You might have tried changing the bulb at times, but if the problem persists, you should call us immediately. Flickering lights could be a signal of a bigger problem. Flickering lights and bulbs also increase the utility bill, so don’t take it lightly and call us.

Does your commercial space have dead outlets?

If your office is having the above-mentioned problem, you should immediately contact a licensed electrician. Let us check the underlying issue. Commercial space needs a proper supply of electricity to ensure that it is not affecting productivity.

Call and see if the office has dead outlets due to the poor circuit or build-up heat.

Do you think your office premises have unprotected wiring?

All commercial spaces should be well equipped with protective wiring. Building regulations have strict laws regarding where and how a premise’s wiring should be done. It is about human safety. Moreover, every commercial building should have protected wiring only.

Do you think your commercial building has the wrong wire length?

The wrong wire length can have a massive impact on all the electronic devices that your company has.

As per building regulations, there has to be a certain length of wiring too, to ensure that it protects the building from faulty wiring and prevailing dangers. A 6-inch wiring is a standard. If your commercial building doesn’t have that wiring length, you should call us immediately to fix the problem.

Does your commercial space have a loose connection?

If your building’s sockets are heating up quickly, a loose connection could be the problem. Loose connections must be fixed as soon as possible because they can trip the complete electrical system and cause a fire outbreak.

We are a trained and licensed company. We will ensure that every connection is safe and tight and fix the problem immediately.

Call us if there is a faulty installation.

If the installation of air conditioning, heaters, and other equipment in your commercial building is faulty, give us a call right away. A faulty installation is dangerous and can lead to a fire outbreak. Let us check the root cause of the problem and solve it immediately. Your life is precious to us, and we will make sure that every connection is fixed.

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